02 March 2011

Popular belgian fast food

I did not feel like eating a sandwhich today so I had no other choice but to go out and search for a restaurant. Instead of going in the direction of the city center like yesterday, I decided to go towards the train station. There are more restaurants in that direction. First, I found one that looked very nice but when I entered, the waitress made a sign indicating that the restaurant was full. So I continued walking along the street and I entered a local fast food restaurant (not a chain). When the guy at the counter asked me what I wanted I replied in english that I would like to eat the most popular thing. Unfortunately, he could not understand english, I tried in french but he did not speak french either. So there was quite a language barrier between us. On top of that, I could not recognize any food in the glass counter. Luckily, a student eating at one of the tables spontaneously came to my rescue and helped me choose a meal and communicate with the cashier/cook. After explaining that I wanted something very popular I ended up with a bowl of fries with tomato ketchup on one half and mayonaise on the other half with chopped onions all over. It was serves with some kind of fried sausage that was almost tasteless. I might stay clear of fast food joints for a few days.
On the left are the fries, on the right the strange sausage.


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